Medallion Hunt Rules

  • To participate in the Medallion Hunt you must purchase a 2021 Haysville Fall Festival Button.

  • Clues will be posted in the window at The Haysville Chamber of Commerce 140 N. Main, via our Facebook, and Website.

  • One clue will be posted everyday around 9:00 a.m. until the sunday of fall festival or it is found.

  • The medallion is a wooden medallion approximately 5” in diameter. It has the Haysville Fall Festival logo on it.

  • The medallion will be hidden on public property within the City limits. No digging or defacing of property will be needed to find the medallion.

  • Once medallion is found, bring it to the Haysville Chamber of Commerce or Contact Janet Parton for verification.

  • The winner will be announced Sunday Evening at the closing ceremonies and will receive the prizes at that time.

  • Haysville Fall Festival Committee Members, Volunteers and immediate family members are ineligible to participate.

  • In the event that the Medallion is not found by 3pm on Sunday, the prizes will be given away during the regular prize drawing for all button holders.